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Episode 12

Published on:

17th Feb 2020

Toyota's global hydrogen ambitions - Craig Scott

On this weeks episode the team are talking all things hydrogen with Craig Scott, the Group Manager for Toyota North America, a global automotive giant and a recognised pioneer in the field of fuel cell mobility. On the show we get into the story of Toyota’s roll out of fuel cell mobility solutions in North America, the challenges and opportunities that fuel cell vehicles can offer in the hydrogen market and the challenges around infrastructure. Importantly we also dive into the scaling up work that Toyota is undertaking and some of its plans for next steps on the mission to become the world’s leader in fuel cell mobility solutions. All this and more on the show! 

The latest specs on the Toyota Mirai

Kenworth and Toyota have ten fuel trucks operating at the Port of LA

Toyota expands its presence in the port mobility operations market with a fuel cell utility tractor

Toyota unveils its new fuel cell car to break the 400 mile barrier


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