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Episode 5

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20th Oct 2020

The world of SOFC & SOE technologies - Mark Selby of Ceres Power

On this week's episode, the EAH team catches up with Mark Selby, Chief Technology Officer at Ceres Power, to dive into the world of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and solid oxide electrolyzer (SOE) technologies. Ceres Power specializes in the design of SOFCs for applications in a diverse range of energy intensive sectors. Mark takes the time in this episode to walk the team through the details, advantages, and challenges of deploying SOFCs and low-carbon hydrogen solutions more broadly and discusses how consumer and customer awareness of these technologies varies widely across international markets. We cover a lot of ground this week, so be sure not to miss out on our conversation with Mark!


Ceres website:

US DoE article on SOFC tech:

Ceres SteelCell video:

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