Hydrogen and fuel cell power generation - a discussion with Andrew Cunningham of GeoPura - Everything About Hydrogen

Episode 13

Published on:

2nd Jun 2022

Taking hydrogen off the grid - Andrew Cunningham of GeoPura

On this episode of Everything About Hydrogen, we chat with Andrew Cunningham, Founder and Director at GeoPura. GeoPura is enabling the production, transport, and use of zero-emissions fuels with innovative and commercially viable technology to decarbonise the global economy. As the world transitions away from fossils fuels, there is an increasing need for reliable, clean electricity. If global power demand continues to grow as expected, the electricity grid system will need support from renewable energy sources, such as hydrogen and fuel cell power generator. GeoPura seeks to address exactly that kind of need.


GeoPura website: https://www.geopura.com/

GeoPura technologies page: https://www.geopura.com/our-technology/

GeoPura news: https://www.geopura.com/blog/

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