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Episode 12

Published on:

16th Feb 2021

Giga-watt it takes to scale green hydrogen (and ammonia) - Alicia Eastman of InterContinental Energy

How do we get green hydrogen (and green ammonia) production to scale and make it cost competitive? It's a great question and we ask it all the time on the show. Well, Alicia Eastman, Co-founder & Managing Director, of InterContinental Energy (ICE) may be one of the best authorities in the world on this topic and she joins us on this episode of EAH to tell the team all about her and ICE's work developing the Asian Renewable Energy Hub (AREH). Located in Western Australia, the AREH when completed, will be the largest renewable energy project by total generation capacity on the planet. At 26 GW, it surpasses even the likes of the Three Gorges Dam and will act as a central production and distribution point for huge quantities of clean hydrogen and ammonia for offtakers and customers across APAC and beyond. The AREH is a truly massive project that has global implications for the global energy landscape of the future.


InterContinental website:

AREH website:

AEA article about AREH:

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