Financing the Hydrogen Revolution - Astrid Behaghel of BNP Paribas - Everything About Hydrogen

Episode 2

Published on:

31st Aug 2020

Financing the Hydrogen Revolution - Astrid Behaghel of BNP Paribas

On this week's episode of Everything About Hydrogen, the team are catching up with Astrid Behaghel, the Energy Transition expert on hydrogen for BNP Paribas. On the show the team discuss how BNP Paribas see the emerging role of hydrogen in the energy transition, how the financing of hydrogen projects differs for newer hydrogen initiatives and why BNP Paribas joined the Hydrogen Council. We also dive into the question of what role can (or even should) Banks play in the evolution and development of the emerging hydrogen market, and BNPs plans to expand its activities in this sector. All this and more! 


BNP Paribas explain how they see the role of Hydrogen in deep decarbonisation

The Hydrogen Council adds BNP Paribas and other leading Financial Institutions to its membership

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