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Episode 18

Published on:

18th May 2021

Envisioning the hydrogen revolution - Marco Alverà of Snam

For our 40th episode of the Everything About Hydrogen podcast, the gang are joined by hydrogen luminary Marco Alverà, the CEO of Snam. Founded in 1941 and listed on the Italian stock exchange since 2001, Snam is a leader in the European gas market and operator of over 41,000km of transport networks. Hailed as a visionary who has led the pivot of the world’s 2nd largest gas distribution company towards a clean gas trajectory, Marco is widely recognized as a thought leader and a key figure driving the transition towards hydrogen. On the show the team discuss why Marco decided to lead Snam's pivot towards hydrogen, what he sees as the role of hydrogen in the energy transition and how blue hydrogen can sit alongside green hydrogen as part of the solution to a decarbonized gas network.

Prior to Snam, Marco was the Director of Corporate Strategy at Enel and the CEO of Eni Trading & Shipping.  His forthcoming book, The Hydrogen Revolution: a Blueprint for the Future of Clean Energy, is scheduled for publication on August 26, 2021.

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