EAH Deep Dive bonus episode with Kieran Coleman of the UN COP26 High Level Champions for Climate Action - Everything About Hydrogen


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3rd Nov 2021

EAH Deep Dive: Championing a clean energy future - Kieran Coleman of the UN COP HLCs for Global Climate Action

With COP starting this week, we discuss with the HLC team the role of hydrogen in decarbonization and the critical need for hydrogen to scale quickly. Andrew and Patrick sit down with Kieran Coleman, Energy & Industry Lead for the United Nations COP High Level Champions, to chat about the work being done in advance of COP with partners and the level of ambition we’ve seen across various sectors about the future of hydrogen and a lot more!


UN COP HLC website: https://unfccc.int/climate-action/marrakech-partnership/actors/meet-the-champions

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