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Episode 10

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19th Jan 2021

Digging into the mining industry - Jan Klawitter of Anglo American

Anglo American is the world's largest platinum mining company. Their core mining operations produce copper, diamonds and platinum group metals, as well as iron ore, coal, polyhalite, and nickel and manganese. These minerals are essential inputs for a staggering variety of products today, and demand for them is continuing to grow.

Anglo American (and the mining industry in general) is therefore confronting the monumental challenge of how to continue to meet increasing demand for metals and minerals while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions. In the case of Anglo American, the company has committed to making its operations carbon neutral by 2040.

On this episode of Everything About Hydrogen, Jan Klawitter, Head of International Policy for Anglo American, speaks with Andrew, Chris, and Patrick about Anglo American's strategy for decarbonizing its mining operations and how they plan to use hydrogen and fuel cell technologies as a key part of their approach.


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