HyET Hydrogen CEO Maria Fennis talks about electrochemical compression with the Everything About Hydrogen co-hosts - Everything About Hydrogen

Episode 2

Published on:

5th Oct 2021

Changing the game in hydrogen compression - Maria Fennis of HyET Hydrogen

In the second episode of EAH's Season 3, Patrick, Andrew, and Chris sit down with Maria Fennis, CEO of HyET. HyET Hydrogen is a leading SME in the field of electrochemical hydrogen compression, founded in 2008. HyET has introduced the first commercially viable Electrochemical Hydrogen Compressor (EHPC), the HCS 100, in 2017. HyET enters partnerships with key stakeholders to develop products with a focus on application. Maria is a leading voice in the compression arena and it is a pleasure to have her on the show!

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Episode Links:

HyET Hydrogen website: https://hyethydrogen.com/

HyET tech: https://hyethydrogen.com/technology/operating-principle/

HyET tech (2): https://hyethydrogen.com/technology/technical-features/

HyET news: https://hyethydrogen.com/news/

US DOE EERE article on H2 compression: https://www.energy.gov/eere/fuelcells/gaseous-hydrogen-compression

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